You won't fail if you're not perfect. You'll fail if you're not committed to improving yourself slightly each day.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Weigh In

Last time I weighed 195 lbs on October 14.

Today I weigh....

190 lbs!!!

For a total of 31 lbs lost so far!

Oh my gosh.  Such a great feeling.  To see "31 lbs lost"'s like crazy.  I'm so excited right now!  AND I'm only 1 lb away from the 180s! Seems like the 190s just flew by!  Hopefully it'll be the same with the 180s LOL

My next weigh in will fall in the middle of our trip to Disney World, so I'm bumping it to the following Friday, so my next weigh in will be November 18th!

And for a quick update, everything's going great.  After doing the Shred for 30 days straight I had a few "injuries" so to speak and had a lot of problems with my back, knees, and most of all, shin splints.  Geez.  Those were feakin' BAD.  I even called the doctor on those ones LOL  But after I finished the Shred I iced the crap out of my legs, took a few days off, and haven't had any problems since.  Now I still get the occasional "aches and pains" after a good workout, but of course that's to be expected. 

I've stuck to my exercise plan and I've been doing a varity of things like I wanted to do.  My original plan was to "do a variety of things", then I thought I would try the 6 week Biggest Loser Cardio Max workout, but that workout is just too long to do at home with the kids, so I'm now back to my "variety of things".  I will still do the BL Cardio Max occasionally, but I'll have to do after Josh gets home and he can watch the bambinos.

I'm still sticking with the kickboxing (although I missed class this week), but I made it up at home by trying a few new things with Josh.  We did the Pure Cardio disc from Insanity on Monday and I thought I was going to die.  Freak that was hard.  I did try to pace myself because he told me it was non-stop, no breaks, so I wanted to make sure I made it through the WHOLE DVD.  When he told me there was only 10 minutes left I tried to kick it up a notch, but I was burnt out by that point, so I had to stay with the same "pace" I was working at before, which trust me, it was still work.  LOL  But hey, I made it through!  And then we did Ab RipperX from his P90X discs, which I've tried before, but I feel like I did MUCH better this time.  It's only like 15 minutes, but it's straight ab work.  Something like some 300+ crunches/sit ups (he says at the end, but I forget the EXACT number).  Anyway,  I think I did better this time around an I might start doing that on a regular basis.

Anyway, I guess my "weigh in" sort of turned into a Weigh In/Workout Watch combo, but that's the update for ya!  And I have a new "mini series" in the works to start sometime in November, so keep an eye out for details on that... ;)


  1. Congrats!! You are truckin' right along :)

  2. Sounds like you're doing fantastic! Way to go! So happy you've been able to stick with it! Fabulous!