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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Biggest Loser: Week 2

I promised blog updates, so here it goes.  Biggest Loser is going well. 

The first weigh in I was 187 lbs and after the first week I weighed 183 lbs, so I lost 4 lbs in a week!  I was EXTREMELY happy with that number.  It was actually MORE than I expected.  Since I've already been dieting I'm sort of at a "disadvantage" these first couple of weeks.  Other people that have not been eating right will lose water weight right after the bat, and drop pounds fairly easy these first few weeks because of the "shock" to their system.  It's not really a "disadvantage" though because eventually everyone will come into their stride and things will even out so I'm not worried about.  Anyway, because I've already been eating healthy and don't care much water weight, I expected to lose about 2 lbs, so I was MORE than happy with 4 lbs.

Monday was the end of week 2 and the third weigh in.  I was SUPER nervous this week because I had an awful week this week, and not for the reasons you may think LOL  I didn't overeat or splurge or cheat.  It was actually the opposite. I was sick all last week and barely ate 500 calories on most days, and believe it or not, when I DON'T eat enough, I don't lose weight.  Many of you may have heard of "starvation mode", but if you haven't, it's when you don't eat enough and your body believes there isn't enough food for you, so it stores/saves fat deposits for you to live off of, so you actually hold on to the weight.  Anyway, with barely eating and being sick and not having the energy to workout, I feared the worst on the scale Monday night.  My goal every week is to lose at least 2 lbs.  That's what I'm okay with, but I feared I would either lose only 1 lbs, stay the same, or possibly even gain weight.  I was really nervous...

So the outcome?

On Monday, February 13th I weighed 183 lbs....

And this past Monday, February 20th I weighed 181 lbs, for a total of 6 lbs lost!

So I actually did it!  I lost the 2 lbs I wanted to lose and was thrilled, which in turn, set me up for an awesome workout!

After we weigh in, we get a little briefing and head to the gym for a workout.  We start by walking/jogging/running laps around the gym.  I'm not sure exactly what we we're supposed to be doing, but I tried to do a fast jog/slower run.  I didn't want to burn myself out trying to run as fast as I could, but I at least wanted to get a good jog in.  I actually surprised myself at how long I could run for.  I really suck at running honestly LOL  I kept up the same pace the whole time.  A nice brisk jog and I kept it up for I'd say....8-10 laps....  I'm not entirely sure, but it was a shit ton more than I could've run in middle school or high school gym class that's for sure LOL

After running we stretched and split into groups for stations.  I actually like stations because it helps me to pin point my strong suits and weak links.  For example, I think my endurance is great.  I feel like I can maintain cardio exercises for a really good period of time, BUT my arms/upper body strength...needs a lot of help.  I find a lot of the times I'm not physically winded or tired, but my freakin' (almost said fuckin'...oh now I said it...) arms give out.  Sorry, but the shit pisses me off.  I'm not winded, I'm not tired, but my muscles just can't do it.  (I'll elaborate on why this pissed me off SO much later in the blog....)  Anyway, upper body....needs work.  We did sprints, push ups, dips, squats, suicides, sit ups, ab work on the ball, and shuffling with a ball.  I think I did really well if I do say so myself.

After that our "workout" was over, but our trainer proposed a challenge.  The prize was a punch card (classes at the gym are $6 a piece or you can buy an eight hole punch card for $45 good for eight classes obviously).  So the prize was a free punch card.  I try to go to kickboxing once a week and pay the $6 per class, so I wanted the card.  There were about 40 of us and the challenge was optional.  Try it if  you want, walk laps if you don't, but like I said, I wanted it.  Oh. The challenge itself?  Drops.

Oh em gee, I could go off on a whole tangent about drops, but I'll try not to.  If you don't know what a "drop" is, here's a very short demonstrative video.  Enjoy :)

(That was the closest thing I could find to it since he's getting REALLY low, but really you actually drop all the way to the floor and then come back up.)

Anyway, that was the challenge.  Do as many of those as you can.  Trust me. It's hard.  Anyway, you had to be getting all the way down and you had to be going at a decent pace.  No stopping, resting, going super slow etc.

I don't really know how many people decided to do it because I wasn't looking around, but I think quite a few.  Well within maybe 30 seconds (my times could be off because it seems like time goes so SLOW when you're doing shit like this LOL) the trainer called that it was down to five people (me being one of them! Yay!) and maybe 10 seconds after that she said there were only THREE of us left!  I was stoked.  I could see the other two people to my left and the rest of the gym was either walking laps and cheering us on or watching and cheering us on.  Either way, everyone was cheering us on.  That was awesome.  We just kept going and going and I was DYING.  I tried to peek over and see how the other two were holding up.  One person looked like she was in about the same place I was LOL, but the other person, he wasn't stopping LOL  I did one final jump up and my thigh muscles just gave out from under me (see why I get so pissed about my weak ass muscles!)  Anyway, I was out.  I started to walk out to the edges and everybody clapped for me. Sounds corny, but it felt awesome!  We do them in kickboxing class sometimes and I don't even do REAL drops. I usually just do squat thrusts and don't even go all the way to the ground, so to do them correctly and do that many, I was super proud of myself.

I joined the ranks of the crowd and cheered the remaining two competitors on and they kept going for a good 30+ seconds I would say.  They decided to split the prize so they each got half a punch card.

Even though I didn't win, I still felt awesome.  It was a great personal victory.  It's amazing when you realize what your body can actually do and what YOU are really capable of.  It's a great feeling.  :)

So I left the gym feeling absolutely elated, which of course has set me up for an awesome week this week.  It's Thursday now and I've done wonderfully this week.  Yesterday I went to kickboxing class and I'll be doing my "Shed and Shred" a few more times this week, hopefully setting me up to be in the 170s at Monday's weigh in!

Be back with more updates after next week.  Thanks for following!

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  1. I can't believe you're almost in the 170's! It really doesn't seem like THAT long ago when you were dropping below 200 and super excited about that! Congrats! AND you're almost halfway to your total goal so super congrats!! So excited for you! :o)